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Our Story

We were active in this online because of coincidence, when one of the owners of the company where we worked request us to look for clothes for his beloved child for the Christmas celebration, because our position at that time was part of the purchase. At the beginning we all felt overwhelmed because the place where we lived to look for Christmas celebration clothes was only a few shops, but we were all keen to search after one of our acquaintances introduced a search for goods on the online market. Being famous in the online market found on the internet is so much and surpasses our thinking, this is where friends start negotiating to run business online that is different from other people, in fact we are indeed somewhat different from the others in online sales information.

We need to say that there are many different kinds of online sales, ranging from physics products to digital products, in general many digital products are interested in slimming down because more women want to look as slender as they are. Aviation promotion for tourism or many tasks are also found in online sellers, also in terms of language learning, internet marketing, fashion products, woodworking, supplement products and others that we cannot mention one by one.

On the internet path we began to explore online sellers who have quality services, and specifically sellers with good service are always loved by buyers, we also don’t want buyers who have explored disappointed with the service.

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