How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Use suitable hashtags

Your Instagram aim is to take care of regular engagement together with your present audience while also increasing the number of genuine followers. Posting new, intriguing, and interesting photographs will satisfy the primary criteria, but hashtagging your photos will facilitate your expansion quickly. Hashtagging allows users to try to find specific terms to quickly locate their photos.

So, how does one choose which hashtags to use? Users on Instagram, as on Twitter and other social media platforms, prefer certain hashtags over others. You’re significantly more likely to succeed in new users and be noticed if you include popular Instagram hashtags in your images.

These were the highest 20 Instagram hashtags at the time of writing:

#like4like #tbt #followme #picoftheday #follow #me #art #selfie #summer #instadaily #repost #friends #nature #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #cute #like4like #tbt #followme #picoftheday #follow #me #art #selfie #summer #instadaily #repost #friends #nature

Use the suitable filters

You should concentrate on quite just keyword hashtags. Certain photo filters are more popular among Instagram users than others. Your engagement could also be affected if you utilize these preferred filters.

According to Iconosquare, these are the highest ten hottest Instagram filters right now:

Normal (No Filter) – Clarendon – Juno – Lark – Ludwig – Gingham – Valencia – X-Pro II


Take the subsequent of your competitors

Visiting your closest competitors’ Instagram accounts and connecting with their audiences is one of the best strategies to seek out and acquire new followers. just by following your competitors, these folks have already expressed an interest in the belongings you sell.

So, how are you able to efficiently steal the followers of your competitors? By lecturing them. you will communicate with Instagram users in an exceedingly form of ways, and also the more effort you set in, the more followers and repeat engagement you will get.

On Instagram, there are three categories of engagement:

Follow a user’s progress
Like a photograph
Make a inquire into a photograph
Make an inventory of the highlights from your stories
When a possible follower comes on your company profile, you only have some seconds to influence them to try to do so.

Using your profile’s Highlights feature to arrange your Instagram Stories in a way that expresses what your account is about is one approach to try to do this.

Highlights will be utilized to provide Stories with a second life and motivate others to follow you so that they don’t miss out on future Stories because Stories have a 24-hour lifespan.

User-generated content should be posted

User-generated content (UGC) is any variety of content that you just curate from your fans or followers, like videos, images, reviews, audio, and more. it is a must-have in your marketing arsenal if you wish to grow your Instagram following. UGC humanizes your business by showcasing real people with real stories, allowing potential buyers to determine your product in action and establishing a more trustworthy relationship.

Not only do your followers enjoy their quarter-hour of fame on your Instagram feed, but it also helps your online company sell more products.

According to Olapic research, customers are now 56 per cent more inclined to shop for something after seeing a photograph of it shared on social media.

Use the simplest Instagram growth tool available

If you’ve exhausted all of the aforementioned options, your best bet is to use the Instagram growth tool.

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